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I'm a girl whose pets are the centre of her universe. I'm obsessed with cricket and the West Indies are my pride and joy[sorrow sometimes]. I also support the Australian team.

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New layout! [04/10/07 @ 6:28 pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

It's so cool!

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Well well well... [03/25/07 @ 10:17 am]
[ mood | chipper ]

So the world's number one ODI side has lost to Australia. *Gasps* I'm so surprised! HA! Yeah Right! I was totally supporting the Aussies as I always do. The Saffas had it and well, they lost it as soon as de Villiers was run out. The momentum was gone.

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Today it shall be determined... [03/23/07 @ 11:03 am]
[ mood | happy ]

Sri Lanka's score is currently 72/2.

The truth is that I would love to see Ireland make it through, but I like both teams who are playing today.

It's Friday and I think I'll leave work early, run away is a more suitable phrase rather than leave.


Big match! [03/22/07 @ 1:06 pm]
So tomorrow is the big match between India and Sri Lanka...
A lot of my co workers are going except for me and quite a few of them are just bandwagoning whilst I follow the game every single day.
Wish I could be there, but I'll be at work.
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Friends! [03/22/07 @ 12:54 pm]
I need to start friending people, so when I ask you, please add me! Maybe some friends who're interested in cricket and music...

Wow... [03/19/07 @ 2:29 pm]

I have my own journal. A journal. What shall I post in this, my very first post? Must seek out friends who are interested in the same things as myself.
The second innings of the match is starting. Must go watch.


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